29 Nov 2019news

Race Day

Horse Welfare

City Racing appreciates that the horses will be racing in a new environment when racing in a city. Therefore, as part of the City Racing’s Veterinary Welfare Plan, written by the Veterinary Advisory Panel, all horses who have been selected to race are required to do a “Track Orientation” the morning before races begin.

Track Orientation involves leading the horses out onto the racetrack and walking them up and down to familiarise them with the new surroundings. If any horse shows concern with these new surroundings, they will be withdrawn from the race and a reserve will be called upon. All reserves need to go through the same vetting process and orientation on the day.

Horses will then undergo a final vet inspection before the race where they will trot-up in front of the veterinary panel. A trot up shows if a horse is “sound” and in good physical shape to race.