7 Jan 2019news

The City Racing Racetrack

Find out more about the track used for City Racing

The Andrews Bowen Safetrack is specifically engineered in Preston, UK. The surface is made using a speciality mix of sand and wax. The surface of the Safetrack Is laid on a specifically designed reinforced crate system called Equaflow. These Equaflow crates can sit atop any drainage system on a street and this will not cause any drainage issues for the City.

Between the surface and the Equaflow sits a membrane. This further filters any rain water the will then run into cities drainage systems. It takes roughly 36 hours to lay the Andrews Bowen Safetrack. First the Equaflow is laid and clipped into place. Then the membrane is rolled over top. Finally, the surface is pilled onto the track and pushed out and along the track using tractors.

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The surface being tested at the November 2018 Aintree Demonstration Event

Once this is all laid then the Andrews Bowen team sets about conditioning the track to meet the BHA standards. After the race. This process is reversed, and everything is collected up and taken away. The roads will be left in the pristine condition they were found in and it would be near impossible to tell that there had been a racetrack there mere days earlier!